Idan Amedi reveals secrets from Fauda?

On one of the white nights I walked around with a tired, restless car. Towards dawn the muezzin began to pray. I do not know exactly why, but I knew that the next poem would be written in Arabic and that the Arabic words would be comforting and comforting.The creator Idan Amedi is releasing a single for his song “Trying” in a new adaptation that will be the theme song of the series “Fauda” broadcast on yes.
Amedi joined Fauda in the role of Sagi, a new fighter on the undercover team, and this is his first experience in the game. About five years ago, these words began to be written. I ran away from the center for a few weeks when I decided that I would try to create a little differently. I packed all the musical instruments that were headed by me and rented a small and corner Zimmer in the Golan Heights.

He also said in the past that he refused quite a few game offers, but when Lior Raz received the offer to audition for the series did not hesitate for a moment. The song is performed in Hebrew and Arabic and is joined by the star and co-creator of Fauda, ​​Lior Raz, who also wrote an introduction to the song.

His album “Part of the Time” has reached the status of a platinum album 30,000 copies is quite rare in the Israeli music industry, and has produced a huge series of hits: “Part of the Time”, “Until the Next Day”, “Now Everybody Dance” and “At the End”.

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